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BUPA chooses BrightWave

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BUPA UK Membership, the global health and care organisation, and BrightWave, the e-learning design specialists, are to develop a blended induction programme for all new staff members joining contact centres across the UK.

The new induction programme will incorporate several innovative approaches to e-learning that will add variety and improve the effectiveness of key components including:

- Regulatory training that concentrates on providing BUPA specific context to health and safety, data protection, IT security and the use of visual display equipment. Importantly, the use of video and audio will help show the consequences of poor compliance, turning what is traditionally viewed as dry subject matter into a personally relevant experience.

- A full interactive simulation of the customer call process , providing new staff with a realistic virtual experience of the contact centre environment. Importantly, this will cover the soft skill elements of managing customer calls.

- Simulation of a key IT system.

- A competency testing system that will provide detailed reporting and feedback on performance for use immediately by facilitators within the induction programme.

The project followed a review of the existing induction programme and the new blended experience is expected to lead to a reduction in the overall time taken for staff to demonstrate competency standards required prior to working within the live contact centre.

The existing induction programme did make use of standard, off-the-shelf e-learning materials, videos and paper documents. Charlotte Staal, Account Consultant, Learning and Development, at BUPA UK Membership, commented, "What we have found is that employees see this 'standard' approach as interesting but not necessarily applicable to themselves or our organisation. The bespoke e-Learning solutions we are developing with BrightWave will use BUPA case studies. These will powerfully demonstrate the relevance and importance of achieving compliance in delivering a high quality service for our members. We believe this will help our employees understand the context and application of what is often seen as a 'nice to know'".

Phil Knight, Training Manager, at BUPA said, "BrightWave have a depth of experience in delivering high quality elearning solutions. They balance being creative and innovative, with delivering practical solutions. We have also been impressed by their strong project management and delivery to tight deadlines. In 2004, we are working with them on a number of projects that are key to continuing to successfully develop our blended and elearning solutions."