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Gomo’s Latest Ebook Explains How to Put Subject Matter Experts at the Center of the Content Authoring Process

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The ebook provides advice on the practicalities of engaging subject experts as eLearning content authors and reviewers, alongside an overview of the learning benefits and economic incentives that underpin the practice.

Learn about the latest ebook from Gomo, which discusses tools and techniques for enabling subject matter experts to participate in content authoring.
Learn about the latest ebook from Gomo, which discusses tools and techniques for enabling subject matter experts to participate in content authoring. 

Cloud-based eLearning authoring tool Gomo has published a new ebook that offers a variety of tips and techniques for getting subject matter experts (SMEs) involved in content authoring. The ebook, entitled ‘How to get your subject matter experts to contribute to eLearning’, covers a range of beneficial learning outcomes that follow SME-L&D collaboration and offers practical advice on the steps required to turn SMEs into capable content authors and reviewers.

Gomo’s newest guide includes an in-depth discussion of the authoring tool features that allow expert colleagues who aren’t familiar with instructional design to produce or improve eLearning courses. The ebook breaks down the value of specific features like comments, feedback, and delivery methods while paying equal attention to broader ease of use via characteristics like visual themes and course duplication.

Simon Waldram, Product Manager at Gomo, said: “Subject matter experts have so much valuable knowledge to contribute to the eLearning process, and they need to be able to make those contributions without worrying about the look, feel, or functionality of a given course. That’s why it’s essential for L&D teams to understand the authoring tool features that allow SMEs to focus on pedagogically sound content.

With templates, duplication, and consistent visual themes at their fingertips, SMEs will find that it doesn’t take a background in instructional design to produce engaging, fantastic-looking content. And in economically uncertain times, this approach is great for any learning team looking to get the most out of every resource at its organization’s disposal.”

On top of its chapters dedicated to SME reviewing and authoring, the ebook reflects on the learning benefits of experience-driven, up-to-date content, highlighting the ways that these characteristics naturally accompany subject expert contributions.

The full ebook discusses:

  • The learning benefits of context and why SMEs are suited to providing that context
  • Common barriers between SMEs and content authoring, and how to overcome them
  • How the right delivery methods can allow SMEs to publish or amend their content

Click here to download a copy of ‘How to get your subject matter experts to contribute to eLearning.’


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