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Axiom announces mydiscprofile

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Axiom, publishers of the internationally renowned Discus behavioural profiler, have recently launched a new service,, which offers recruitment sites the opportunity to enhance their service offering to jobseekers and site visitors alike.

By adding myDISCprofile to a recruitment website, visitors can complete a behavioural assessment and gain a real insight into their preferred work style, helping them learn more about themselves and the jobs they suit best. A DISC profile helps individuals focus on their strengths and differentiate themselves from others. It provides an invaluable tool to help a jobseeker prepare for the future.

The cost to site visitors for an individual report is £15 + VAT. Based on test marketing, a service such as myDISCprofile can quickly become one of the most popular sections of a recruitment website, as well as generating a passive ongoing income.

An extended service, which includes full customisation to reflect a client's own website is Discus Online Synergy. The Synergy system is designed to replicate a client site's look and feel, and is flexible enough to match client operations in any way required. What's more, the integration of Discus Online Synergy into a site is completely seamless. Synergy uses a client's own branding and layout at all times, so that, to the user, the features of Discus profiling always appear to work from within that site.

A successful operation of Discus Online Synergy with fish4jobs has shown that this area is the second most visited on their site after Job Search.

The March 10th issue of the Sunday Times saw Simon Crerar review some of the top UK recruitment sites in his article Site test: Itchy fingers? Net that job in one click. The fish4jobs website was awarded a full 5/5 and classed as "wonderful" with a special mention being made of their psychometric profiling service provided by Axiom's Synergy service.

Both myDISCprofile and Discus online Synergy are provided for a modest annual hosting fee and there is no requirement to pre-purchase any stock - it's administered by Axiom on a pay as you go basis.

Axiom supply clients with a report at the end of every month detailing the number of profiles completed and paid for.

Income is then earned by paying website managers a generous share of revenue generated as commission, on a monthly basis.

You can view the site at or alternatively call Jenny McArdle on 0161 877 2199 or email for further information on the full range of products and services from Axiom Software.