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Assima launches Vimago: new cloud-based product range

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A new community enabled, real-time collaborative platform for accelerating business readiness is being launched by Assima at Learning Technologies 2013 January 29-30th.

Assima PLC is pleased to announce Vimago, a cloud based platform providing solutions to some of the critical challenges  in the development, roll-out and on-going support of Enterprise Applications.  Vimago brings together Assima's collection of Content Management; E-Learning and Simulation Authoring; innovative Cloning and In-Application Support technology onto a single inclusive and accessible platform.

Vimago comprises of three primary modules: Vimago Labs, Vimago Campus, and Vimago Tutor.  Each module is designed to work in conjunction with the other to provide unparalleled collaborative content creation and management, real-time rapid e-learning, augmented reality, and advanced systems cloning.

Vimago Labs' unique cloning technology allows companies to train enterprise application users in a highly realistic, replicated training environment that enables the system to be translated for global language requirements as well as allow for data manipulation to comply with information privacy regulations. Furthermore content created with Vimago Cloning Lab* is much easier and cost effective to maintain throughout the lifespan of an Enterprise Application, with Assima's Technology typically delivering 50% savings in year 1 and over a 5 year period these savings increase to 90%.

The Vimago Campus is a community enabled content management system, tailored to deal with change projects and learning needs.  Vimago Campus manages users, roles, authentication and permissions and provides change management, content, scoring, revision tracking, versioning, publishing, ability to import, localise, index and categorise.  Real time collaboration can take place via built-in online messaging and chat, a whiteboard allows for on-the-fly editing and revision and workflows take content through a dedicated, tracked editing process.  Everybody working on a project has visibility to what another is doing, providing an engaging, open and collaborative environment.

Vimago Tutor enables learning and development professionals to create versatile, screenshot-based software simulations and training support material, and helps companies educate their staff with or without physical classrooms. Additionally, Vimago Tutor provides template driven output; a library of reusable learning assets; automated creation of documentation and standards compliant course management.

Together the Vimago modules combine to resolve challenges such as the high maintenance costs of training and large, widely dispersed user communities with different language requirements.  Vimago provides powerful Enterprise Applications Assurance and allows organisations to realise greater returns on their software application investments at a fraction of the cost of alternative methods.

Vimago has been in Closed Beta Release since November 2012 and enters Open Beta in February 2013. Beta Programme Participants are entitled to 6 months promotional pricing.

Assima launches Vimago at the Learning Technologies Conference 2013 on January 29-30th stand #140.