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Assima releases STT Trainer 6.1

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Assima announces the release of STT Trainer 6.1 - new features of Assima's STT Trainer 6.1 highlighted -

Assima today announced the release of STT Trainer 6.1. Some exciting new features of Assima's STT Trainer 6.1 are highlighted below:

  • Re-record of STT Trainer Content - The recorder uses the recorded information from an existing lesson to create a duplicate lesson to help you record all the necessary steps and screens to update existing screen images and control information. This can be used for localisation of content as well as for automatically creating updated training materials for application upgrades.
  • Email notifications for assigned content - You can now set up fully customisable automated email notifications to notify users on the same project when repository elements have been assigned to them.
  • Cross browser lesson player - In addition to the Lesson Player support, the Lesson Portal is now also supported in a cross-browser environment. This is in addition to some minor changes which have been made to the cross-browser Lesson Player to improve the overall user experience for the learners.
  • Setting to record higher quality images - If you have a high bandwidth environment, you can now use the new image quality setting to record screen images with a higher image quality.
  • Collaboration of image library - You can now import existing image libraries from the various authoring computers to create a central Image Datastore. This enables authors to share existing learned control and screen information for the Recorder and it is also easier to maintain this information from a central point in the Content Manager.
  • Learning screens - You can now help the Recorder learn screens the same way it learns controls. This is useful to help the Recorder to distinguish between identical controls on the same screen, but different websites or tabs in the same window.
  • Redesigned home tab in the editor - The Home tab has been redesigned to show the most common editing features that authors use to edit lessons. Faster access to core editing features means authors can largely edit basic lessons from a single tab.
  • Reset layout option - In the Editor, you can now click the Reset Layout button to quickly reset the Screens and Tasks panels to their original positions and sizes if you have moved them around.