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Articulate 360: Everything Needed to Create Great E-Learning, Continuously Updated with New Features

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Articulate 360 is an award-winning subscription that has everything e-learning pros need for course development. Articulate 360 includes authoring apps Rise 360 and Storyline 360, 5+ million course assets, an easy-to-use project review app, and live online training with industry experts. And because it’s a subscription, it’s continuously updated with a stream of new features and content.

“We’ve been able to get over 40 new features in the hands of our customers since Learning Technologies last year,” says Articulate CEO Adam Schwartz. “And we’re excited to share the latest things we’re working on at Learning Technologies 2020.”

New Ways to Create Beautiful Courses for Every Learner in Rise 360

Rise 360, the web-based authoring app included in Articulate 360, makes it easy for anyone to build gorgeous, fully responsive courses in minutes. The latest new features in Rise 360 help course developers create beautiful courses that will engage every learner.

It’s easier than ever to build engaging, interactive lessons quickly using customizable templates covering a range of topics. Just add your text and media, and Rise 360 does the rest.

Developers can easily add more engaging interaction to their courses with the scenario block. Just add a scenario block to a lesson and then customize it with a Content Library 360 character, dialogue, responses, and feedback to bring your scenarios to life.

Articulate is also adding more new features to make courses accessible to all learners. Now you can make your courses more accessible by adding closed captions to videos. Simply import a caption file for each language you want to support.

“Rise 360 has enabled me to create 27 amazing e-learning courses for my company in the nine months I’ve worked here … keep those features coming—Rise 360 is amazing!” says April Lokar, IT Trainer and Articulate 360 customer.

New Workflow and Accessibility Enhancements in Storyline 360

Storyline 360 is a powerful authoring app that lets e-learning developers create a variety of custom interactions that will engage learners. In the last year, Articulate has shipped new features to help developers work more efficiently and create more accessible courses.

The newly redesigned trigger panel and workflow make creating custom interactions faster and more intuitive than ever. Edit and duplicate triggers in-line in the trigger panel, change an event or object for multiple triggers simultaneously, create conditions without opening additional menus, and more.

Enhancements to the media library also make it faster and easier to organize and find assets. Developers can rename and add notes to assets, and include closed captions and alt text on all their videos and images.

The newly built accessible player for Storyline 360 lets learners use a broader range of screen readers, web browsers, and devices—and take advantage of more screen reader features. Learners can also use improved playback controls and menus to navigate the player more easily.

“I love Articulate 360 because it’s a complete suite of solutions that work together beautifully to meet my needs. What’s not to love about that?” says Jackie Van Nice, Articulate 360 customer.

More Than 5 Million Assets in Content Library 360

Content Library 360 is an ever-growing library of course assets for creating beautiful courses—fast. E-learning developers can add templates, characters, stock images, videos, and more right from within their authoring app—saving them time and money.

In the last year, Articulate has added six characters representing various industries, and two gorgeous templates to the assets in Content Library 360.

“I spend a ton of time on third-party sites looking for characters, images, or ideas (unsuccessfully). Now, with Content Library 360 available right in Storyline 360 and Rise 360, finding the right assets is quick and easy,” says Ben Sewell, Content Developer and Articulate 360 customer.

Collaboration Made Easy with Articulate 360 Teams

An Articulate 360 Teams subscription includes all the apps and resources from an individual Articulate 360 subscription and optimizes it for organizations. With an Articulate 360 Teams subscription, your team gets access to award-winning Articulate 360, exclusive collaboration features, simple account management, and priority support.

Collaborator roles let course developers give team members different levels of access to courses by making them authors or admins. Authors can create and edit different lessons, and the changes made are visible in real time. Admins can adjust course settings, share and export, and post courses for review.

New admin features make it easy to manage large training teams. With the new group admin feature, account admins can designate group admins to manage different groups of seats. And the new transfer content feature allows course creators to transfer projects when users are removed from their Articulate 360 Teams account.

Coming soon, admins will be able to take advantage of single sign-on to control authentication for their Articulate 360 team using their own identity provider.

Get Up to Speed on Articulate 360 Quickly with Articulate 360 Training

Articulate 360 Training helps developers get the most out of their Articulate 360 subscription, all while growing their e-learning skills. They get the training they need on the topics that matter from industry-leading experts.

This year, two new exciting features were added to Articulate 360 training: on-demand content and improved search. On-demand content lets developers learn at their own pace, with access to an archive of hundreds of recorded webinars and a library of all-new training videos. And improved search makes it easy to find the training content that’s just right for them.

Availability and Pricing

Articulate 360 is available on the Articulate website and through Articulate Authorized Resellers. The Articulate 360 Teams plan is available for $1,299 per user, per year, and individual subscriptions perfect for freelancers are available for $999 per user, per year (all prices USD). Eligible educational customers receive a 50% discount on list prices.

There is also a free 60-day trial of Articulate 360.