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Anders Pink acquired by Go1 to provide best-in-class content curation

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We’re delighted to announce today that Anders Pink is becoming part of Go1.


We’re delighted to announce today that Anders Pink is becoming part of Go1.   

Why have we decided to join Go1?  

Go1 offers the largest curated learning content library in the world, aggregating courses from hundreds of providers to make it easy for learners to access the best courses and content for them.  It enables organisations to offer their employees the skills and training that are relevant for them, in the formats that suit them best – either via their own applications or other LMS/ LXP/HRIS partners.  

As you know, Anders Pink was built to support the demand for the curation of content assets from multiple content libraries and the web. We do this by creating targeted feeds of content on the topics and skills you want to track, kept up to date in your learning platforms automatically. 

Together, Go1 and Anders Pink will bring the best learning content, aligned to the skills and interests that matter, to the world’s learners.   

For us, it’s the perfect fit. We at Anders Pink have known Go1 and its founders for several years. We have a shared purpose in the value of curated content and intelligent recommendations to create the best learning experience.  

Michelle Hazelton, Anders Pink Managing Director commented: “Go1 and Anders Pink have a shared purpose to curate the world’s best learning content, in any learning platform, for the world’s leading organizations. Through the acquisition, we are gaining the ability to drive greater market impact at significant scale as part of Go1.”  

Andrew Barnes, Go1 CEO commented: “The acquisition accelerates our ability to deliver and discover the world’s best learning content for learners, teams and organisations, helping them achieve their learning goals. Go1’s vision is to engage a billion learners and this represents an important milestone on this journey”.  

What does this mean for you and Anders Pink? 

The Anders Pink team, products, brand and relationships will continue as is. Anders Pink will be a separate entity within the Go1 group initially – so nothing changes right now. We’ll continue to keep you updated as we begin to integrate our products and services.  

If you have any questions, please get in touch. We look forward to continuing to partner with you to support your needs as we continue to grow in this exciting new step in our journey.  

For more details, please see the full press release here