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    • NGRAIN Expands Availability of Equipment Maintenance Training in Europe with Ambient Performance

      Ambient Performance | London, UK |

      NGRAIN, a leading provider of interactive 3D equipment simulation solutions that maximize the effectiveness of training programs and maintenance support systems, today announced that Ambient Performance has joined NGRAIN’s international network of resellers. Specializing in 3D virtual worlds, mobile augmented reality and electronic performance support applications, Ambient Performance will provide the NGRAIN Producer and Virtual Task Refresher solutions to military, energy, aerospace and healthcare education organizations across Europe.

    • Ambient Performance, MASA Group and Coram UK are nearing completion of TRAF*MAN

      Ambient Performance | London, UK |

      Ambient Performance (Lead), MASA Group and Coram UK are nearing completion of a 6 month response to a SBRI call from the UK Technology Strategy Board and the Highways Agency for Synthetic Environments in Managed Motorways to explore the use of synthetic environments applied to transport, in this case, modelling and managing complex traffic situations on motorways.

    • Ambient Performance announces European support for RemoteOperations™, Forterra Systems new virtual world service.

      Ambient Performance | London, United Kingdom |

      Ambient Performance, a market leader in providing private virtual worlds and related services for business, government and educational institutions based on the Forterra Systems OLIVE platform, today announced the support of RemoteOperations™ for organizations that need to continue normal operations in the event they are directly affected by the H1N1 flu outbreak. The solution, based on 3D Internet technology, allows users to work from remote locations and be as productive as they would be in live settings without the risk of spreading or being exposed to the potentially fatal virus.

    • Virtual World Classroom to Transform Corporate Training

      Ambient Performance | London, United Kingdom |

      Leading training and development consultancy Bray Leino BroadSkill has joined forces with enterprise virtual worlds technology specialist Ambient Performance to create a ‘virtual world classroom’ training offer for the business community.

      The solution combines the best of classroom training with virtual world technology to enable people in different locations to learn together without ever having to leave their homes or workplaces.

    • Mobile learning and mobile Internet explored at Seriously Mobile Summit 20 April

      Ambient Performance | London |

      Jay Cross, the internationally-acclaimed learning strategist and prolific learning-industry commentator, is being joined by Tom Glocer, CEO, Reuters and Paul Landers, of Ericsson and a host of other internationally-recognized mobile learning and mobile Internet professionals, to present this year’s Seriously Mobile Summit, a one-day thought-leadership conference for business learning and mobile technologists, in London, on 20 April.

    • Seriously Mobile Series Update: Podcasting for Performance Workshop & Upcoming Conferences

      Ambient Performance | London, UK |

      Ambient Performance leads the way in providing solutions to help organisations apply emerging technologies that make a real difference. Recognising the growing interest in using Web 2.0 social technologies such as blogging, wikis and podcasting for learning and performance support, they have scheduled a 1/2 day workshop to focus on the most requested topic first: Podcasting!

    • Mobile Knowledge Workers: Providing Solutions for Performance

      Ambient Performance | London, UK |

      Ambient Performance is pleased to announce the opportunity to participate in the only professionally focused event on mobile learning and performance, "Mobile Knowledge Workers: Providing Solutions for Performance" on 22 March, 2005, 9:30-14:30 at Reuters, Canary Wharf, London, UK.

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