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Mobile learning and mobile Internet explored at Seriously Mobile Summit 20 April

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Jay Cross, the internationally-acclaimed learning strategist and prolific learning-industry commentator, is being joined by Tom Glocer, CEO, Reuters and Paul Landers, of Ericsson and a host of other internationally-recognized mobile learning and mobile Internet professionals, to present this year’s Seriously Mobile Summit, a one-day thought-leadership conference for business learning and mobile technologists, in London, on 20 April.

Seriously Mobile Summit - 20 April 2007 - mobile learning-mobile Internet
Seriously Mobile Summit - 20 April 2007 - mobile learning-mobile Internet 

“Mobile internet, working in real time and supporting mobile workforce capability is the theme for this year’s summit. We have assembled several of the world’s top mobile learning experts to lead the event, including speakers from Ericsson, Giunti Labs and Reuters, three organizations that are leading the way in mobile learning and mobile Internet technology” said Ron Edwards, organizer of the Seriously Mobile Summit and one of its keynote presenters.

Speakers at this year’s Seriously Mobile Summit include:

Tom Glocer, CEO and Charles Jennings, Global Head of Learning from Reuters, who will discuss the changing nature of the workplace and Reuters’ innovative uses of the mobile internet.

Paul Landers, Strategic Product Manager, Ericsson, on Ericsson’s latest developments in embedding mobile learning into their global learning content management and delivery framework, including providing mobile learning solutions to customers blended with other delivery formats and a look at current and future scenarios in the telecommunications industry where mobile learning is making a difference.

Jay Cross, business learning analyst and a prolific commentator on informal learning will provide a thought-provoking insight into the future of workplace learning and workforce performance and the choices faced by business leaders and managers of organisational learning.

The Seriously Mobile Summit will also include sessions led by the following CEOs: Fabrizio Cardinali, Giunti Labs – on personalised ambient learning; Ron Edwards, Ambient Performance – on mobile learning strategy; Stephen Clee, Datmedia – on mobile video; Hanif Sazen, Saffron Interactive with three mobile learning case studies, and Nigel Paine, 21st Century Learning – the summit chair.

The Seriously Mobile Summit will also feature a case study on the use of Second Life to reach distributed workers and clients by PA Consulting and will feature an Experts Panel on New Technology Implementation with thought leaders from around the world brought together in a virtual world platform with participants at the Summit.

David Perring, Head of Learning Solutions and Technologies at Virgin Media, who has attended the previous Seriously Mobile Summit, said: “Where could you find more specialist-learning expertise under one roof at one time? If you've got mobile knowledge workers and you need to develop them, this event will feed your thinking for the next two years. If you are serious about learning then you should be thinking seriously about mobile learning. It's a mobile media age, get into the 21st Century!”

Jay Cross, commenting on the mobile revolution and its impact on business learning, said: “a new world, a mobile ‘always-on’ world, is coming and those workforces that respond first are likely to leap ahead of those that remain glued to their chairs. Picture a world where workers upload learning on demand, where performance support is available anywhere and any time, where we learn in what we used to call downtime, where we throw away course schedules and learn what we need when we need it and not way ahead of time. The mobile learning and mobile Internet revolution will allow all this to happen and within the next two years.”