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Ambient Performance, MASA Group and Coram UK are nearing completion of TRAF*MAN

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Ambient Performance (Lead), MASA Group and Coram UK are nearing completion of a 6 month response to a SBRI call from the UK Technology Strategy Board and the Highways Agency for Synthetic Environments in Managed Motorways to explore the use of synthetic environments applied to transport, in this case, modelling and managing complex traffic situations on motorways.

TRAF*MAN OLIVE Artificial Intelligence Vehicle Simulation
TRAF*MAN OLIVE Artificial Intelligence Vehicle Simulation 

The project entitiled TRAF*MAN - The Visual Interactive & Intelligent Highway Management Simulation System will create an immersive synthetic visual environment for modelling and managing complex situations on motorways. The innovative aim of TRAF*MAN is to merge historical highways data with autonomous ‘virtual drivers’ whose dynamic decision making is in response to real time triggers – signage, queues, blockages, opening or closing of the hard shoulder – all presented in the immersive visual environment.

“MASA was selected by Ambient to produce the human-like intelligence behind the virtual drivers and provide the simulation integration into SAIC’s OLIVE platform. Our 6 month collaboration with Ambient and Coram has proven to be a rewarding effective consortium of industy partners. Coram’s domain expertise and Ambient’s project leadership has helped us in the context of this research to ruggedize MASA Life Brain a new COTS product technology for the development of complex AI systems and cognitive libraries underdevelopement here at MASA.We definitely look forward to continued and future collaboration opportunities with Ambient and Coram.” ~ Cory Kumm, International Product Manager, MASA Group

“One of the keys to adoption of new simulations is end-user trust. Trust is gained when simulation accurately reflects and behaves like their real world environment and that it feels like it was designed to support their work processes. Working with MASA Group has ensured that the automated vehicles have believable real world behaviors and Coram UK have ensured usability and design consistent with Highways Agency needs as they have been building solutions with them for years. Masa has done an outstanding job of working closely with Ambient’s technical team and engineers at SAIC to rapidly further integrate platforms and extend capabilities. The end result is an easily deployable decision support and training system which can scale to meet national demand and easily include mult-agency and multi-level exercising capabilities for additional benefits and return on investment.” ~ Ron Edwards, CEO, Ambient Performance

"Above all, we are excited about initial client reactions in considering potential applications for Traf*man. The cost benefits in applying this technology within training scenarios alone are well established. Within the UK public sector marketplace, use of technologies is already viewed as a credible way to win the efficiencies sought in this sector." ~ Fergus McBride, Director, Coram UK