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    • Best Presentations about L&D at MERIT 2019 Announced

      Advent Group | Vienna, Austria |

      Last week’s MERIT Summit in Vienna gathered top-notch international speakers, executive education experts, and innovators from the fields of L&D and Talent Management. Thanks to MERIT’s active audience, we were glad to give out three special awards to the speakers whose presentations received the highest vote throughout the event.

    • Turning Challenges into High Performing Teams

      Advent Group | Vienna, Austria |

      The upcoming MERIT Summit in Vienna, 16-17 January 2019, will offer HR leaders a variety of company case studies exploring best practices and lessons learned at global L&D departments. One of the case studies will be presented by Jeff Turner, International Director of Learning and Development at Facebook. In a recent video interview exclusively for MERIT, Jeff shared a sneak peek into his topic “Building High Performing Teams: The Facebook Approach”.

    • AI vs Human: How Business Schools Are Closing the Digital Skills Gap

      Advent Group | Vienna, Austria |

      According to a 2017 Capgemini study, 29% of employees believe their skillset is redundant now, or will be in the next one to two years. That figure goes up to 38% for those who believe their skills will be obsolete in the next five years.

    • Academic and Business Intelligence in Learning Organisations

      Advent Group | Vienna, Austria |

      What is the value of academic knowledge and executive education for Learning & Development in the corporate world? How can L&D leaders bridge academic knowledge and business in practice and build a routine of learning in their organisations? MERIT Summit in Vienna, 16-17 January 2019, will bring together corporate and executive education professionals for debates and collaborative exploration on this topic, among many others.

    • The Future of Work on the Digital Arena

      Advent Group | Vienna, Austria |

      MERIT Summit Speaker Catalina Schveninger, Global Head of Learning at Vodafone, discusses the future of work from the perspective of the global telecommunications company.

    • The Five Character Traits of Lagom Leadership

      Advent Group |

      MERIT Summit Speaker Anders Richtnér, Associate Professor and CEO of Stockholm School of Economics, gives his views based on his extensive experience from both an academic and a commercial perspective.

    • Co-XL in 2019: Co-create Learning Organisations at MERIT Summit

      Advent Group | Vienna |

      Collaboration and creativity are the solar energy that fuels excellence. Learning organisations are the ones that will inherit the future. These are two sound reasons for the innovative MERIT Summit to bring together for the third time corporate and higher education leaders for an inspirational networking and learning event dedicated to “Co-creating Learning Organisations” and hosted in Vienna on 16-17 January 2019.

    • MERIT Summit Brings Together HR and Executive Education Thought Leaders

      Advent Group | Barcelona, Spain |

      A new executive education and corporate learning conference took place in Barcelona, Spain on January 18-19, 2017, organised by Advent Group. The international event and media agency reported that the MERIT Summit assembled over 200 senior representatives from HR and higher education at Barcelona’s World Trade Center.

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