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Effective Intrapreneurship: Mapping your journey

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Merit Summit has organised a masterclass on Effective Intrapreneurship on June 17 in Munich. This session will leave attendees inspired and informed about their role in making innovation sustainable and scalable.

Merit Masterclass
Merit Masterclass 

Intrapreneurship is a relatively new concept relating to employees of a company who possess entrepreneurial traits. Intrapreneurs take risks in order to solve a problem in a company. They are key drivers of growth and innovation in enterprises. They are self-motivated and proactive and their inventive ideas can bring about positive changes. Moreover, they are action-oriented and often take the initiative to pursue an innovative product or service.

Companies of all sizes are recognising the value of intrapreneurship and are increasingly turning to it as a viable strategy. They try to create an entrepreneurial environment to foster innovation at all levels.

However, effective intrapreneurship is a journey that needs to be understood and mapped out from the outset to avoid epic failures.

People can learn more about the pitfalls to avoid when developing intrapreneurship programmes at Merit's free masterclass “Effective Intrapreneurship: Mapping your Journey” organised on June 17 in Munich.

Jan Kennedy, CEO of the Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship (AfCE), will reveal key lessons learned from Bayer, Allianz, Migros and Clariant on how they have started and scaled their intrapreneurship development activities. The session will be interactive, allowing participants to also challenge and learn from one another.

Jan will guide attendees through the four key phases of innovation, intrapreneurial personality traits, experiment goals, prototype funds and portfolio metrics to show how winning programmes can be structured.

He will describe how Bayer is systematically developing over 1,000 intrapreneurs to drive innovation across the organisation. He will share the structure of various intrapreneurship programs of the Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship, covering Ideation, Discovery and Incubation, as well as the challenges of implementing them.

This session will help attendees in their journey to creating an intrapreneurial culture in their company and to making sustainable and scalable innovations. Delegates can sign up for the Merit Masterclass via the event website.