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Acteon share the secret of magical content at Learning Technologies Summer Forum

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Acteon’s Rebecca Trigg will be presenting a seminar at the Learning Technologies Summer Forum, 11th July, on the subject of Creating Magical Content for Human Beings.

Seminar attendees will find out how, in a world full of bots and AI, we can use human traits like curiosity, humour and pride to make our learning projects more effective.

Us humans know that we should behave responsibly, eat healthily and exercise regularly. But look at us...

So, how about we stop telling people what to do and instead create irresistible behaviour-changing content for busy human beings?

Rebecca will be exploring how we do this, looking at:

  • What sort of things humans like to hear about (spoiler – it’s stories about other humans)
  • Who to consider when designing your magical content (another spoiler – it’s about finding the right humans)
  • And how to design content that people can’t help but respond to. (not spoiling this one – you’ll have to come and see the seminar)

Creating Magical Content for Human Beings is in Theatre 1 at 10.45, 11th July.

Rebecca will be joined by the rest of the Acteon team on Stand 22, where they will be talking not only about how they create meaningful content, but also offering demos of the award-winning Knowledge Centre LMS.

To find out more, contact [email protected]

The Learning Technologies Summer Forum takes place on 11th July 2019, at ExCel London.

About Rebecca Trigg

Rebecca is an experienced Acteon consultant with a love of words and an interest in people. She’s got a background in employee communications and project management, but her passion is working out why people act the way they do. She gets a lot of her inspiration from being a mum to two headstrong, pre-teen daughters…

Rebecca creates learning and communications that get people thinking, talking and sometimes laughing. She absorbs information, which makes her difficult to win an argument with but great to have on a quiz team.