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How the Co-op embraced digital learning to reach a diverse audience

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In 2017 the Co-op created a new Member Pioneer role to support their work in local communities. Member Pioneers are people from many backgrounds, with different mindsets and expectations about learning. With such a varied audience, how did the Co-op use learning to help them make great things happen in their communities?

Acteon will be presenting this seminar at Learning Technologies 2018 on Thursday 1 February at 11.45 in Theatre 5.

This case study explores how to tackle challenges like:

  • Moving from face-to-face to digital learning
  • Engaging diverse audiences – from partners to casual workers, to volunteers and part-timers
  • Balancing the needs of the tech-shy and the tech-savvy
  • Harnessing communications to ensure ongoing engagement
  • Shifting from 'spoon-fed' learning to a self-directed, digital culture

Jackie Belcher, Training and Communications Manager at the Co-Op will also be taking part in a conference session on Expanded Learning on 31 January at 11.10.  In this session they'll be exploring how to deliver learning effectively across large, complex and diverse organisations. 

More information is available from [email protected].