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Acteon supports Towards Maturity’s latest In-Focus report on building staff engagement

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Acteon is delighted to be supporting Towards Maturity in their latest In-Focus Report: Building engagement – 7 techniques to improve staff engagement.

Organisations need to engage with their learners if they want employees that really care about the goals and objectives and who are committed to giving their time, effort and ideas in a meaningful way.

Learning technology helps leaders fuel that fire by putting the right tools and resources at the fingertips of the people who want to grow their own skills and capabilities, and in turn, grow the business. 

The In-Focus report focuses on how you can build engagement with your technology-supported learning, with the ultimate goal of building a more committed, skilled and engaged workforce.

It also analyses the behaviour of the top learning companies and isolates seven habits of L&D teams who are engaging their learners effectively. Through real life scenarios and clear guidelines, the report demonstrates how companies can transform the way L&D engages with its learners.  A better engaged workforce will benefit from: improved staff motivation, improved speed of response to business change and the ability to engage different types of learners.

Employees who understand where the organisation is headed and how their skills contribute to helping make it happen are more engaged. An ‘engaged’ workforce delivers innovation, productivity and performance.” said Matthew Borg, a managing partner at Acteon.

The full In-Focus Report is available for download - In-Focus: Building Staff Engagement (2104).

The Towards Maturity Engagement Index – helping you deliver an effective e-enabled learning strategy

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