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Acteon named as finalists for three E-learning Awards

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E-learning Awards judges announced on Monday 8 September that Acteon, a six-time Gold E-learning Award winner, has been selected as a finalist in three categories for its work with UK broadcaster Channel 4.

For the third consecutive year, Acteon is a finalist for ‘Best e-learning project’, a category the company won in 2013.

Acteon is also a finalist in the categories ‘Excellence in the production of learning content’, and ‘Best use of e-learning to ensure compliance with external regulations or internal policies’.

“We’re delighted to be chosen as a finalist for these competitive international awards,” said Owen Rose, a managing partner at Acteon. “We’re proud of how our whole team continues to work together to meet new challenges and to find exciting new ways – online and offline - to build staff engagement, to transform behaviour and to leverage the opportunities new mobile platforms provide.”

Acteon helped Channel 4 harness the power of e-learning and internal communications to promote the professional code of practice that underpins its cutting edge broadcasting. Staff response to the programme ‘Learning to take risks’ has been excellent, and organisational impact has been clearly demonstrated.  Learning to Take Risks is helping Channel 4 fulfil its remit to push boundaries, whilst maintaining viewer trust and reputation.

Creative organisations like Channel 4 have always found it very hard to get this kind of training right,” said David Abraham, Channel 4 Chief Executive. “People can easily see the material as patronising – or irrelevant.”

But this course is different,” he said. “It’s been designed with risk-taking right at its heart, and that’s resulted in a great response from staff. Learning to take risks helps us to be bold, brave and courageous – whilst maintaining our accountability and our reputation.”

The E-learning Award winners will be announced 6 November at the London Marriott Hotel, Grosvenor Square.