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Acteon Knowledge Centre continues to power projects on E-learning Awards shortlist

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Six-time Gold winners Acteon are finalists for ‘Best e-learning project’ at this year’s E-learning Awards, a category the company won in 2013 and has been a finalist in for three consecutive years.

Powering two of these three projects is the Acteon Knowledge Centre, a blended learning system that allows organisations to deliver e-learning, manage classroom bookings, surveys, videos, performance support resources and informal learning, all in one powerful learning portal.

Acteon’s Knowledge Centre has helped 2014 award finalist Channel 4 harness the power of e-learning and blended communications to promote the professional code of practice that underpins its cutting edge broadcasting. Staff response to the programme ‘Learning to Take Risks’ has been excellent, and organisational impact has been clearly demonstrated.  Learning to Take Risks is helping Channel 4 fulfil its remit to push boundaries, whilst maintaining viewer trust and its reputation.

The Knowledge Centre also helped 2012 “Best e-learning project” finalist, Daiichi Sankyo UK place e-learning at the heart of an exciting programme of corporate change. The Knowledge Centre continues to make an impact with its iPad-delivered e-learning content and integrated social learning capabilities, allowing them to rapidly respond to emerging needs, and giving learners more flexibility and accessibility.

We are very pleased the Knowledge Centre is delivering real benefit for our clients and that they are being recognised in these competitive awards,” said Matthew Borg, a managing partner at Acteon. “We have built Knowledge Centre to help organisations go beyond the traditional structured online training module or classroom course. We give learners and course designers some powerful tools for blended learning and development.”

Staff can access documents, web links, podcasts, and videos to support their learning, and managers can easily and rapidly update and add content in response to changing learning needs.

The Knowledge Centre is fully accessible from mobile phones and tablet devices. Staff are using these devices in the field to access learning as part of everyday workflow. There is even a companion app for iPad and iPhone that allows learners to use all Knowledge Centre content and functionality as a native application on those devices.

In order to compete successfully as an organisation we’ve asked our commercial teams to acquire a vast amount of new skills and knowledge in a short space of time,” said Terry Petersen, Commercial Director at Daiichi Sankyo.  “Our Knowledge Centre has been fundamental to achieving this, by empowering every individual within the company to manage their own learning in an innovative and dynamic format.

This year’s E-learning Award winners will be announced 6 November at the London Marriott Hotel, Grosvenor Square.