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Information Transfer brings in three new consultants to meet strong demand for its award-winning learning solutions

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For Information Transfer 2011 was an exciting year, with the highest ever demand for their outstanding blended learning solutions. To meet this demand, the company has brought in three exceptional team members whose skills and experience further enrich the portfolio of solutions available to its clients.

Glenn Mason brings 15 years' experience as a communication and client management professional; having worked for a large consultancy in London specialising in corporate change management, he is able to get 'under the skin' of a business challenge and build excellent client relationships. His national and international clients included Philips, Coca Cola, Barclays Bank, Logica, Wyeth, KONE, Lloyds Bank, Pitney Bowes and Nationwide.

"I'm delighted to have joined such a successful and dynamic business. 2011 was an exceptional year for Information Transfer and I'm excited to be part of a team that will help to deliver what I know will be an even more successful 2012." 

Before joining Information Transfer, James Woodman worked in NHS communications at one of the UK's leading teaching hospitals. Prior to that he worked as a broadcast journalist at ITN, where he specialised in national and international stories about science, technology and medicine. The Association for Healthcare Communications and Marketing selected his work as the winner in the 'best media handling' category of the Communicating Health Awards 2011.

"This is a great time to join the company - and I'm very excited about the opportunities we have to support clients in achieving their strategic objectives. Good communications and effective learning go hand in hand, and my broadcasting background means that I'm particularly keen to develop our use of video as a knowledge-sharing tool."

Tarin Adams is an experienced multimedia content producer with a passion for finding innovative ways to transfer knowledge. Tarin's background is in e-learning and educational publishing, with experience across a broad range of communication and publishing roles including instructional design, writing, editing and project management. Tarin has extensive experience working with high-profile private and public sector clients producing technical, instructional and educational materials in different contexts, in a range of tones and styles, to suit the client's needs.

"It is fantastic to be a part of a team that is committed to working closely with clients to get to the heart of their communication and training needs - making sure that our top priority is developing learning solutions that really do have a positive impact on the people for whom they are intended."