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Please Sir, may I have some more ...awakening the appetite for learning at Care Management Group

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Alison Innes-Farquhar, Care Management Group, and Owen Rose, Information Transfer, will be speaking at the eLearning Network event: 'Proven Recipes For Elearning Success' on March 5 in London.

The enthusiastic and widespread adoption of elearning as part of a new blended solution for learning has transformed a struggling organisation right to the core.

Care Management Group (CMG) cares for 600+ adults and children with learning disabilities through its network of over 100 care homes.

This session, Proven Recipes For Elearning Success, outlines the project's significant challenges, from a lack of any technical infrastructure and a disengaged workforce, to the development of a new, fully bespoke L&D function.

The project has resulted in an award-winning programme that was extensively informed by business goals and learner needs in a sensitive, caring environment.

This session is truly a 'recipe for success', and includes key ingredients like choosing the right learning partners, stakeholder consultation, an explicit communication plan and creating a powerful and memorable identity.

The project 'Fulfilling Potential' has proven to be a formidable tool for CMG to turn barriers and challenges into opportunities, to re-engage staff and improve business performance.

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