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Information Transfer launches product knowledge portal for global pharmaceutical company

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A product knowledge training portal designed by Information Transfer to support the launch of a break-through new drug in the UK was launched in January for the sales team of a global pharmaceutical company.

The portal contains e-learning training materials created by Information Transfer consultants to develop the sales team’s knowledge of the product, as well as quizzes, games, multimedia assets and supporting documents, pulled together to assist in the learning.

“Information Transfer people are unique within the e-learning industry because of their ability to handle complex technical subjects like pharmaceutical product information, mode of action, and anatomy and physiology,” said Matthew Borg, co-managing partner of the award-winning firm. “Combine that content with our technology solutions, and we think we can really contribute to what our clients are trying to do for their businesses.”

This client, who has worked with Information Transfer for several years, agreed that the business benefits are there.

“(Information Transfer) have really done a great job with this portal,” the Product Manager said. “Visually, it has great impact and it is very simple to navigate around. The portal has actually exceeded my expectations and I will be championing having a portal for all brands.”

Matthew said learning portals can greatly improve sales team learning over traditional learning management system delivery, which can become diluted with other less critical training.

“We’ve created many of these and have found that a learning portal is one of the best ways an organisation can improve access to training materials and support performance on the job,” Matthew said. “Done right, an e-learning product portal can improve product knowledge, drive positive customer feedback and potentially improve sales. And we certainly have evidence to show this.”

The product knowledge portal also includes components that allow feedback from the field, including an “Ask the medic” section for clarifying issues with the new drug, and a tool for posting first-hand accounts of sales representatives’ experiences with customers, and their objections.

“I’m sure the field force – as well as head office staff – will find the portal a very useful resource,” the Product Training Manager added.

Matthew said Information Transfer uses a range of tools to develop e-learning for its clients, whatever is most appropriate for the project. For part of this portal project, Information Transfer used Seminar Author, a rapid e-learning authoring tool that allows content to be quickly created and updated.

“One of the great advantages of using Seminar Author to create the content is that the materials can be kept current and rapidly updated,” Matthew said. “In this particular case, we have trained the client and equipped them with design resources and templates for creating quizzes and new materials if required.”

Information Transfer also used the Seminar Knowledge Centre, an e-learning management system designed with the learning portal structure at its core, for this implementation.

“The Knowledge Centre has the portal concept designed into its fabric, so it’s easy for the client to maintain the content and it’s cost-effective for us to create bespoke components that will support the specific team using the training,” Matthew said.