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New Report - Surfing the Collaboration Wave: How to spread the benefits of Collaborative Learning across an organisation

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New research finds that those organisations using collaborative learning register significantly higher take up in all other L&D interventions; and enjoy average engagement scores around 10% higher than those that do not. In addition, two-thirds (67%) of those surveyed say that a more collaborative approach to working and learning would help boost productivity by at least 5% in their organisation.


A new 10Eighty/Merriborn Media White paper “Surfing the Collaborative Wave” – is now available. This publication is, appropriately, a joint venture and is subtitled: ‘How to spread the benefits of Collaborative Learning across your organisation”.

To ensure the white paper contained both qualitative and quantitative data, 100 leading HR and L&D practitioners in the UK and internationally were engaged in surveys or interviews to demonstrate how businesses can and must harness the potential of collaborative learning.

‘Surfing the Collaboration Wave’ focuses on:

  • The difference between collaboration, collaborative working and collaborative learning
  • The game-changing impact of technology on collaboration
  • How to make a positive case for collaborative learning
  • The Collaborative Learning Wave Effect™
  • The Triple Impact of Collaborative Learning on L&D Strategy, Engagement and Productivity
  • 10Eighty's MBNA case study - this demonstrates the full impact of collaborative learning in an organisation registering a 36% leap in engagement scores.

Answers to these questions are also provided:

  • Does successful collaborative learning depend on CEO sponsorship?
  • How do we get collaboration through to our middle managers?
  • Can any size of business embrace collaborative learning?

Michael Moran, CEO and a founding director of 10Eighty, the engagement specialists, says:“The way in which knowledge is shared is of vital competitive importance in today's business environment. It will define the successful from the also-rans. HR and L&D professionals know of the potential of collaborative learning, but all too often we have failed within current learning initiatives to use it to its greatest effect.  Today's technology presents a real opportunity to put collaboration at the centre of learning initiatives and, in so doing, enable a greater ROI across the organisation.”

Or as Jenny Thow, L&D Advisor for Sika puts it so well in the report: “I think everyone instinctively ‘gets’ collaboration – but many don’t really know how to talk about it with real business value in a workplace context.”

Author of the report Trevor Merriden, who is both Managing Director of Merriborn Media, the collaborative working experts, and Head of Collaborative Learning for 10Eighty, adds: “Until very recently, the desire for greater collaboration within organisations was no more than a good intention, often stated but seldom realised. But something important has changed. The impact of technology - and the radical redesign of the workplace that it has driven - has moved the term “collaboration” to the front of the stage. Ultimately we want to form a brand new pioneering community of “collaboration ready” HR and L&D professionals – a chance for all organisations to be able to identify, assess and benchmark their collaborative strengths and challenges against peer organisations.”

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Merriborn Media is a business dedicated to developing clever content, engaged online communities and effective collaborative working and learning for clients.

Merriborn are the experts in delivering clever content, making the most of it to help online communities flourish through engaging collaborative working and learning techniques. Merriborn particularly want readers of this report and other interested HR & L&D professionals to join a brand new pioneering community aimed at establishing a Collaborative Scorecard™ – a chance for all organisations to work out how to identify, assess and benchmark their collaborative strengths and challenges.

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