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Career pathing solution Fuel50 gains recognition in Brandscape Report for improving workforce engagement and retention

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The 2016 Employee Engagement Vendor Brandscape Report named career pathing solution Fuel50 (known as 10Eighty’s CareerCENTRE in the UK) as a ‘next generation solution’ in the talent management industry.

Fuel50’s ability to improve employee engagement and retention is highlighted in the new HCM Technology Industry Report
Fuel50’s ability to improve employee engagement and retention is highlighted in the new HCM Technology Industry Report 

The report looked in depth at solutions currently available across the market in the context of low levels of employee engagement over the last decade. Typically, only one third of employees are truly engaged, one third are ambivalent and one third actively looking to leave.

However, The Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit had seen a market shift since 2012 thanks to a new generation of solutions that were impacting on engagement scores. The report said: “career pathing remains a rarity in many organisations… Fuel50 has built a software platform that has demonstrated giant leaps in employee engagement scores among clients.”

Steve Smith, partner at The Starr Conspiracy and one of the Brandscape Report authors said: “Career pathing has a high potential to impact employee engagement and… career pathing solutions like Fuel50 that significantly move the needle on employee engagement and retention,”

Fuel50 was one of the few solutions named in the report (outside of rewards and recognition, wellness, or analytics) that improved engagement and retention.

Fuel50 won the prestigious Gold Award for Best Advance in Career Management or Planning Technology in the 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards for its career pathing software.

Working for 3 years with New Zealand company Z Energy who supply fuel to retail customers and large commercial customers, Fuel50 mapped potential career paths for employees and tailored individual support for leaders. Z Energy increased engagement from 66 to 78 per cent and experienced increased equity value, return of capital employed, and a 34 per cent increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS).

10Eighty’s CEO Michael Moran said: “10Eighty has championed Employee Engagement since our inception in 2012 and the numerous benefits it can bestow on employers. Genuine employee engagement often requires a shift in workplace culture and solutions such as CareerCENTRE (aka Fuel50) can make a huge contribution to supporting this process and, ultimately, have a big impact on the bottom line.”

Fuel50 is available in the UK as 10Eighty’s CareerCENTRE

60-second introduction to 10Eighty's CareerCENTRE career pathing software