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10Eighty joins the Global Outplacement Alliance

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On 10th February it was announced that 10Eighty became a member of the Global Outplacement Alliance (GOA) joining a network of ‘national and international career service specialists providing seamless, best in industry career management, outplacement, and talent management services’, supporting a range of businesses and organisations across and within North America, Caribbean, South America, Europe and Asia.

The Global Outplacement Alliance
The Global Outplacement Alliance 

GOA partners provide coaching, career advancement and other services to help clients advance to the next stage in their career and typically have years of outplacement and consulting experience, including:

  • Outplacement strategy development
  • Workshop coaching
  • Career transition advice
  • CV development
  • Individual brand development

10Eighty’s CEO Michael Moran said: “Joining GOA is the perfect fit for 10Eighty, it enhances our international reach and is closely calibrated with 10Eighty’s aims and values, especially because GOA partners are committed to sustaining the highest ethical standards and service delivery throughout the outplacement industry.

In addition to this the GOA believes that organisations and their people need customised solutions tailored to their specific circumstances, an ethos that 10Eighty has adopted in its outplacement services since its inception in May 2012.”

A warm welcome from other GOA members

Within a few hours of joining GOA 10Eighty received some very congenial messages from existing members:

“On behalf of Global Outplacement Alliance and the Membership Committee we welcome 10Eighty as a new member firm.”

John Higgins, Career Solutions, Toronto, Ontario

“Congratulations and welcome to GOA. You now take our place as being the ‘rookie’ member, since we were the last ones accepted into the fold.”

Donald R. Truza, CEO The Transition Team, Inc Knoxville, TN 

“It is a true pleasure to have you and 10Eighty part of the GOA. All of us at ClearRock look forward to working with you.”

Peggy McHugh, COO & General Manager, Outplacement, ClearRock Inc. Boston, MA

“Let me add my voice to the chorus welcoming you to GOA. We are delighted to have you as a member.”

Don Huse, CMF President, Venturion, Texas

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