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10Eighty Leadership Cloud at Learning Technologies 2015

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At Learning Technologies & Learning and Skills 2015, 10Eighty will be proudly showcasing its Leadership Cloud.


The 10Eighty team has acknowledged expertise in driving engagement through great leadership development. Central to its success is its Leadership Cloud technology – and 10Eighty’s unique expertise lies in using it to transform leadership teams through a collaborative approach to learning, accessible on the go, via laptop, mobile or tablet.

In short, Leadership Cloud technology:

  • Transforms through shared learning, intelligence gathering and cooperation across the business
  • Establishes cross-functional team working as the rule, rather than the exception; and
  • Gives business leaders a powerful tool to engage with their senior teams, especially during change.

10Eighty is on Stand 324 and will explain to visitors how the Leadership Cloud:- Allows leadership development to be highly customised, delivered to individuals or large groups; Facilitates open and honest dialogue within a leadership population; and Drives high-performance, a step-change in engagement and a rapid ROI.

The Leadership Cloud has helped clients such as MBNA achieve a quantum leap in their engagement scores of their leadership and management population, winning the Award for Employee Engagement at the Personnel Today Awards, using 10Eighty technology.

10Eighty provides weekly webinars every Monday from 10.00 to 10.30 (GMT) - and on other days and times by request – to explain how its Leadership Cloud can benefit an organisation. 

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