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Zensai Unveils the World’s First Human Success Software Platform

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LMS365, the only AI-powered learning, engagement and performance management platform built into Microsoft 365 and Teams, today announced the company’s official name change to Zensai, a combination of words that reflect learning, growth, knowledge, and enlightenment as one pursues mastery to help the collective organization achieve better business outcomes.

The rebrand underlines the company’s mission to make humans more successful through mastery of the right skills, combined with creating a people-first culture where learning, empowerment, and growth are the benchmarks for success.

Gallup’s latest employee engagement survey shows that a lack of engagement at work may cost the economy $2 trillion as employees deal with unclear expectations and weak connections to their employer’s mission. By putting people first, Zensai humanizes success to empower businesses to achieve optimal performance and business outcomes with an AI-powered platform made to make people better.

Building on the continued success from 2023, where the company grew over 50% year over year globally, today, Zensai unveiled the industry’s first Human Success Platform—a comprehensive suite of AI-powered talent development applications designed to help people and businesses unleash their full potential. With the new Human Success Platform, HR teams and business leaders now have access to a suite of talent development tools that bring together enhanced performance management, deep employee engagement, and an advanced learning environment, to empower employees to do the best work of their lives.

Zensai's Human Success Platform brings forth a suite of three unique learning, engagement, and performance management applications—Learn365 (previously LMS365), Engage365, and Perform365—purpose-built to drive more efficiency, speed, and scale including:

  • Promoting Mastery, Powered by Purposeful AI: Supercharge individual growth, accelerate onboarding, and streamline compliance—all while empowering your workforce to become a master in their unique skillset and talents—with assistance and guidance from AI.
  • Learning in the Flow of Work: Make performance conversations part of workplace culture by ensuring employees feel valued and engaged in their work every single day, all within the trusted Microsoft 365 ecosystem.
  • Aligned Performance: Daily check-ins, real-time feedback, and AI-powered insights help speak to both the hearts and minds of employees while providing clear goals and guiding employees to exceed them.

Zensai’s 2023 acquisition of Weekly10 marked a momentous collaboration between two formidable industry disruptors. The union brought the birth of the Human Success Platform, the only Microsoft-first suite of talent development tools with AI embedded throughout the user experience. By combining data-driven insights that deliver continuous development, personalized learning paths, and real-time check-ins, HR teams can quickly optimize for increased performance all within employee’s’ existing flow of work.

With 2M+ users across 2,000 companies worldwide, the company experienced significant growth in 2023 securing $20M in capital funding to further continue the company’s global expansion. After successfully completing its M&A integration of Weekly10 in August, with 100% employee satisfaction, the company closed out the year strong being Globally Certified™ a Great Place to Work® by the industry’s leading authority on workplace culture, employee experience, and leadership.

“Building a motivated and future-ready workforce is the number one priority for businesses everywhere and we’ve quickly shifted from focusing on people as resources, to focusing on giving people a better environment, to focusing on investing in their growth and development. It’s not about kombucha on tap and free pizza nights anymore, it’s about creating an environment where employees have the skills and tools they need to be successful. When asked what legacy I want Zensai to leave on the world, my answer is simple: we’re done with our mission when every single Human Resource department is called the Human Success department.”
- CEO of Zensai, Rasmus Holst

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