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The Business Speakeasy launching innovative presentation skills book at World of Learning

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Liz Evenden and Matt Spencer of The Business Speakeasy will propose that everything taught in most presentation skills training is wrong when they launch their new book - Not Your Usual Presentation Skills Book - at the World of Learning Exhibition this October.

Matt Spencer and Liz Evenden, The Business Speakeasy
Matt Spencer and Liz Evenden, The Business Speakeasy 

The founders of rebellious training startup The Business Speakeasy have strong opinions when it comes to communication skills training. In their innovative new book, Not Your Usual Presentation Skills Book, they propose that everything taught in most presentation skills training is wrong.

Liz Evenden and Matt Spencer, who started their careers as a shy introvert and a presenter who suffered from stage fright, have become accomplished presenters and trainers over the course of the last 3 decades.

Now on a mission to share the methods that have worked for them with others, they believe that teaching people techniques such as standing in a specific place, or pausing artificially for emphasis only serve to make presenters seem more nervous and less authentic. They also argue that PowerPoint is a distraction that prevents presenters building skills in the more vital areas of understanding their communication superpowers and developing their ability to bring energy to a room full of people.

Their book has been written to act as a series of mini training workshops in their innovative methodology, with exercises to work through and pragmatic, expert advice on topics such as how to stay in flow even when you're feeling anxious, how to tell a compelling story, and how to handle a difficult audience.

The team from The Business Speakeasy will be launching the book at World of Learning 2019, and invite delegates to join them for a short session to uncover their Communication Superpowers.

The book is available to buy in paperback or ebook form from Amazon: Not Your Usual Presentation Skills Book.


About The Business Speakeasy

The Business Speakeasy delivers super, human communication training: presentation skills workshops, facilitator coaching and meeting design and mentoring. The Business Speakeasy can be found at stand A30 at World of Learning, Birmingham NEC, Oct 15th and 16th 2019. More information is available from Liz Evenden: [email protected] and from The Business Speakeasy’s LinkedIn page.