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Virtual College launches podcast episode about using marketing principles for L&D programmes

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Virtual College has launched a brand-new podcast episode. Featuring host Simon Falconer, Chief Marketing Officer at Virtual College, and guest Ashley Sinclair, Managing Director of MAAS Marketing, the episode explores a problem many L&D professionals find challenging: engaging learners in learning and development programmes. The podcast identifies ways that marketing principles can be adopted to create better engaged learners.


During this time where hybrid working has become the new norm and communication and learning is predominantly carried out digitally, Virtual College knew that learning and development teams were struggling to engage their learners in new training programmes. As L&D functions fight to change the perception of simply being order-takers, digital learning experts, Virtual College, with over 25 years of experience in digital learning, recognised that learning and development teams can utilise marketing principles to encourage employee engagement for their learning programmes.

To discuss this topic in depth, they invited Ashley Sinclair of MAAS Marketing, who has been a marketer in the world of learning for over 10 years and is extremely passionate about learner engagement. In this podcast episode, she draws on her experiences of working with learning and development teams, discussing why L&D departments don’t focus on the post-implementation stage of their training programme and often don’t engage with their learners, and puts forward a compelling argument as to why they should.

With over 15 years of marketing experience, Simon Falconer draws on the key principles of marketing and how they can be applied to the world of learning and development in this podcast episode. He comments on the connection between marketing and learning:

“When preparing and launching learning campaigns, learning and development teams can apply key marketing principles to help increase uptake and engagement from their learners. By truly understanding our learners, their pain points and challenges and getting to the heart of their motivational drivers, we can begin to build campaigns that help to drive the right actions and ensure success. However, it’s important for learning and development teams to remember that this process can take time and that repetition and consistency are key”.

Together, Simon and Ashley delve into the importance of understanding audiences, user learner journeys, marketing tactics for learning programmes, analysing results, identifying metrics of value and much more! After this podcast, listeners will have more insight into how they can engage with their learners and improve the success of their learning programme.

The Marketing for Learning Podcast episode by Virtual College is available to listen here on Spotify, along with their first episode discussing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace.

The monthly podcast aims to spark interesting L&D industry discussions with upcoming topics such as Leadership and Coaching, Lifelong Learning and Skills and much more. The newly launched show can be accessed here on Spotify.