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Virtual College gets curious at Learning Technologies 2020

Ilkley Learning NewsVirtual College by Netex

This year Virtual College will explore the theme of ‘Creating learning cultures’, explaining how organisations can change their work environment to build a more effective, positive learning culture.

Organisations recognise the value of a positive learning culture, but many do not realise it is not a ‘quick fix’. Instead it is a new way of thinking and needs to be approached holistically, making both mental and physical changes.

Virtual College believe one of the essential ingredients to a positive learning culture is curiosity. This is a natural way of learning when we are younger but as we enter formal education, we tend to lose this extinct. Virtual College aim to change this – join them on stand L25 where they will spark your curiosity and release your inner child.

Virtual College’s free seminar: Theatre 8 at 3.30pm – 4pm, 12th February.

Learning Technology Consultants Cam Glennon and Dan Nolan will expand on the theme and discuss how employers can consider their organisation’s current environment, sparking ideas about how they can change it to become a more effective learning culture. They will cover:

  • How the rise of automation and pace of changing technology is driving a need to build stable and sustainable organisations in order to ensure resilience to change.
  • Why an effective learning culture is a vital part of the resilience to change.
  • How organisations can mould the physical and mental environment to develop a positive learning culture.
  • Why the way employees feel in the workplace will influence their attitudes towards learning.