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Virtual College helps learners leap barriers to leadership and management training

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Virtual College is bringing its wealth of experience to bear on the problems learners often face in accessing quality leadership and management training.


Research highlights that 65% of leaders lack the time for learning, and when they do seek help, it’s often at an immediate point of need.

Frustratingly, 44% of those who seek help can’t find what they need.

Learners often have compliance training thrust upon them to meet their organisation’s requirements but when they seek leadership and management training for their development they are frustrated by the triple barriers of time, cost and inconvenience.

Hannah Brindle, Managing Director of Virtual College, said:”We are dedicated to providing easy access to digital learning resources which really help learners to improve their knowledge and skills.”

Virtual College has partnered with leadership and management training experts, Interserve Learning & Employment and Eliesha, to map a huge range of online learning resources to learner pathways and professional leadership and management qualification requirements.

Interserve Learning & Employment is one of the largest providers of skills and employability services in the UK and works with government, employers, Local Enterprise Partnerships, employers and Job Centre Plus to deliver improved workforce skills.

Eliesha, an international learning and development company specialising in management and leadership solutions, is the training provider of choice for over 150 public and private sector organisations.

The partnership has generated digital leadership and management learning to support leaders and managers to get access to the training they need, when they need it.

This comprehensive library of courses covers a wide range of subjects, in all aspects of leadership and management, to support the development of skills to prepare someone for their next steps on the career ladder.

Over 200 pieces of bite sized learning have been brought together into three easy to use, focussed bundles:

  • Leadership and Management Core Skills
  • Career Progression
  • Leadership and Management Essentials

These can meet a wide range of needs to help development to the next level of leadership and management or to meet particular skills gaps or to provide the tools and techniques required for the learner to do their current job more effectively.

Prices range from £15 for a single course to £450 for a bundle of courses focussed on Career Progression.

Virtual College offers the option to develop bespoke leadership and management training packages.

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