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Virtual College predicts government international education strategy will stimulate demand for educational technology

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Virtual College, welcomes the UK Government’s publications of its International Education Strategy. According to the report, the government will be offering extra support to the UK edtech industry to internationalise its world leading, innovative products and services.

Rod Knox, CEO of Virtual College, commented: “It is very significant that the UK Government recognises how important the education sector is to the UK economy and the role that educational technology plays.”

At present, the UK is heavily reliant on students coming to study in the UK but only 20% of these are using distance, flexible, distributed learning.

Virtual College believes that the current low percentage of distance learners has the potential to grow very rapidly if educational technology is introduced successfully.

Furthermore it will not all be delivered by MOOCs, but often by much more evolved learning platforms that can support learners beyond the ‘drill and grill model’ of many MOOCs.

As Rod Knox observes: “It is important to recognise the pace of innovation in the market, and while MOOCs feature in this, they are not the only means of delivery of on-line courses in large numbers.

“Virtual College has, since its inception in 1995, led the way in delivering courses via e-learning. We have now delivered online courses to over one million learners”.

Earlier this year, Virtual College was listed as a ‘top six European Edtech company’ in recognition of its growth and innovation in the market. This recognition has added considerably to interest in Virtual College from companies, colleges and learners.