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Virtual College’s Safeguarding Children e-Academy raises awareness of the dangers of ‘resistant families’

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The Safeguarding Children e-Academy recently organised a successful awareness raising event in Newcastle, aimed at highlighting the dangers to children arising from families that are hostile to or uncooperative with the various government agencies, tasked with supporting them.


The Safeguarding Children e-Academy is a division of Virtual College, the UK’s leading online training providers. The e-Academy is dedicated to ensuring that those who work with children have the necessary training to safeguard them from harm.

Over 40 professionals from across the north east, who work in the child protection arena attended the event, which as well as raising awareness, also provided attendees with methods for countering difficult families.

Since the death of baby Peter Connelly in 2007, it has become clear that families who refuse to work with, threaten or deliberately deceive social workers can be a major danger to the welfare of their children.

Abby Dacres, Safeguarding Children e-Academy Manager, commented “Resistant, hostile or uncooperative families present a little understood threat to the welfare of the UK’s children. By running this and other events across the country we are determined to raise awareness not only of the problem but how best to approach these families.”