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Valamis reveals fresh brand identity to fuel global growth and innovation in learning & development

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Joensuu, Finland 3 April 2024. Valamis, a Core Leader on the Fosway 9-Grid™ for Learning Systems, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new brand identity. This update marks a significant leap forward in the company's journey, aligning with a new product vision, refined strategy, and commitment to enhancing the impact of L&D across industries.


Since its last major rebranding in 2018, the company has not only expanded its platform with thousands of updates but also evolved from a bespoken software development model to a comprehensive SaaS business approach. This progression underpins Valamis’ commitment to innovation, customer success, and a data-driven product philosophy.



Connecting the Dots: A new chapter in L&D

At the heart of the brand refresh is the concept of "connecting the dots," which embodies Valamis' mission to bridge the gap between current business needs and future success for organizations through data-driven insights and effective learning and development. Recognizing the pressing need to substantiate L&D impact among stakeholders, Valamis positioned this focus prominently in response to customers' needs for data-driven solutions. The new brand's revamped visuals emphasize the connection between learning initiatives and tangible business outcomes.

A fresh look for a forward-thinking vision

The refreshed brand features vibrant graphics and a more approachable tone of voice, designed to resonate deeply with Valamis’ unique company culture and forward-thinking strategy. "Our new brand identity is more than just a visual makeover. It's a reflection of our ambition, innovative spirit, and dedication to simplifying L&D to amplify its impact," says Jussi Hurskainen, CEO and founder of Valamis. The rebranding initiative was born out of self-reflection and a series of fundamental questions aimed at highlighting the company's differentiators, such as its non-hierarchical work culture and customer-centric approach.

Empowering continuous learning and development

Valamis is setting a bold vision for the future, where continuous learning is integral to organizational success in an ever-changing work environment. "We are committed to demonstrating the business value of L&D initiatives, turning data into knowledge, and showcasing smarter ways to learn," added Jussi Hurskainen. This vision aligns with Valamis’ dedication to helping companies place L&D at the core of their strategy for sustained growth and competitive advantage.

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Jussi Hurskainen
Chief Executive Officer
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