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Valamis at Learning Live: A Focus on Transformative Learning Initiatives

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Harnessing Personalisation for Learner Engagement, Learning Analytics and Skills Development


Valamis, a pioneer in innovative learning solutions, is looking forward to Learning Live 2023 and the opportunity to showcase its multifaceted approach to learning in the flow of work through its emphasis on personalisation, learning analytics, skills and comprehensive event management. 

The Valamis UK team will focus on several key areas of discussion as highlighted by the LPI's 2023 research of Learning Leaders and the alignment of the Valamis product roadmap including: 


Valamis recognises that one size doesn't fit all in learning. As part of its commitment to fostering effective learning experiences, the company is doubling down on personalisation. By tailoring content recommendations and intelligent suggestions to individual learners, Valamis aims to enhance engagement, knowledge retention, and skill development. 

In the digital age, data is a goldmine of insights. Valamis is deeply invested in leveraging learning analytics to gain valuable information about learner behaviours, preferences, and progress. This data-driven approach empowers educators and learners alike, enabling more informed decisions and optimising the learning journey. 

Valamis understands that learning extends beyond digital platforms. With a renewed focus on event management, the company is committed to facilitating seamless planning, execution, and tracking of various learning events. Furthermore, Valamis recognises the significance of skills development in today's evolving job landscape and is dedicated to helping learners acquire and refine essential skills for success. 

With a focus on streamlining compliance, Valamis platform supports mandatory training requirements through its innovative automated notifications, seamless content access, and robust data analytics. Our learning solution makes it straightforward for learners and administrators alike to navigate compliance effortlessly. 

"We are excited to share our intensified focus on personalisation, learning analytics, and skill development," said Ben Laycock, Sales Director at Valamis. "These strategic directions align with our mission to deliver transformative learning experiences that empower learners and educators to thrive in a rapidly changing world." 

Valamis' commitment to these pivotal areas underlines its dedication to shaping the future of education, creating a more adaptive, engaging, and effective learning ecosystem. 

For more information, or to book time with Valamis at Learning Live please contact our UK representative attending the event: [email protected]