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Outstanding results for TWM in Barrett Values Centre's Cultural Values Assessment

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Excellent score dubbed 'extraordinary' by the team at BVC

In January 2021, TWM commissioned Barrett Values Centre (BVC) to undertake an objective diagnosis of TWM's company culture using BVC's world-recognised assessment tool. The Cultural Values Assessment provided a detailed understanding of TWM employees' motivations, purpose, priorities and experience within the organisation.

In a benchmark metric reflecting the health and strength of the company culture, TWM scored 82. Against a global average of 50, a regional average of 48%, and an industry average of 50, the score places TWM in the highest category of "very good".

"I'm delighted by the strength of these findings," commented Phil Purver, CEO of TWM, "They reflect the unique make up of our team. Engaging former Heads of L&D as Account Managers lends a sense of authenticity and confidence to working life at TWM. The survey confirmed that our current and desired cultural values are closely aligned. Teamwork, customer satisfaction, organisational growth and trust ranked highly in both, indicating a common purpose and goal."

A representative of Barrett Values Centre commented, "TWM should be very proud of their extraordinary results in our Cultural Values Assessment. Over 6,000 organisations use this flagship solution, and such positive scores are virtually unheard of. In particular, their result in the benchmark metric reflecting the health and strength of their culture is outstanding."

Sally Matson, Digital Content Learning and Development Manager at SSP Limited who’ve been a client of TWM for over twelve years, commented, "This result is fantastic, but I’m not surprised. The people behind the culture at TWM make for an inspirational and positive force. It’s always a pleasure to work with them. Well done to the team!"

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