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UpsideLMS & UBS Forums’ Future of L&D Summit to Focus on Changing L&D Culture for Digital Transformation

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UpsideLMS’s Future of L&D Virtual Summit 2021, in association with UBS Forums, will discuss changing L&D scenario, how training is being imparted in a virtual mode


The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated a widespread shift to digital learning, driven by the rise in remote working, prompting L&D teams to adopt to new forms of training. As organizational learning quickly evolved to meet these changes, skill building to suit the new normal became a top priority to engage better in the virtual world.

UpsideLMS’s upcoming Future of L&D Virtual Summit 2021, in association with UBS Forums, aims to bring together top industry leaders to share their thoughts on the changing culture and scenario of L&D today while exploring how training can be imparted successfully to employees in a virtual mode. The summit will also look at aspects like how eLearning and Gamification play a major role in Learning Management Systems.

As it’s clear now that the future is digital, it’s imperative for companies to fast make the switch to a digital or phygital approach to L&D. With newer tools and technologies, there is now a pressing need for people to unlearn, learn and relearn with the help of training interventions that focus on key digital skills that are essential to keep the workforce competitive and productive.  

Discussing aspects like these, the Future of L&D Virtual Summit will focus on points such as:

  • Visualizing L&D for the next decade
  • The Future of Learning and Development Digital Transformation
  • Combination of both Digital and Physical Learning: A Phygital Approach of Learning
  • Leveraging Technology for skill building and hyper-personalized learnings
  • Shift in L&D Methodology – E-learning and Gamification
  • Learn, Unlearn, and Re-learn: Strategies for knowledge Retention
  • Prove the ROI – Align Learning and Development with overall business strategy
  • L&D 2021 and ahead


The webinar will be streamed live on September 17, 2021, 10 AM to 2.30 PM

To register for the webinar, please visit here


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UpsideLMS is an AI-powered LMS leveraging cloud, online and offline learning, formal and informal (social) training to enable easy & effective management of L&D programs. It is a mobile-friendly LMS that provides continuous, seamless learning to users anytime, anywhere on any device of their choice by delivering eLearning, VILT, ILT and Performance Support, complete with Gamification and Tracking & Reporting. UpsideLMS is backed by 50+ industry awards & trusted by over 175 clients worldwide.

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