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UpsideLMS connects the missing link between Learning and Digital Transformation through a Webcast

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Digital transformation needs a well-planned Learning & Development strategy to ensure adoption, engagement and sustenance. UpsideLMS shares tips and tricks in its May 5th webcast, “Learning and Digital Transformation: Connecting the dots”.


The unprecedented change ushered in by COVID-19 has set digital transformation in motion across industries and geographies. It has also raised a pertinent question on businesses’ 'readiness' to transition to digital 'everything' and adapt to the new normal. Answering this question is UpsideLMS with its webcast, “Learning and Digital Transformation: Connecting the dots”. Scheduled at 3PM IST on May 5th, the webinar will see UpsideLMS’ CEO, Amit Gautam, and Anil Nair, COE Lead & Head Organizational Learning and Leadership Development at the Zydus Group distilling decades of experience and expertise in the 1-hour session crafted specifically for Learning and Development (L&D) and Organizational Development (OD) practitioners.

Learning and Digital Transformation: Connecting the dots” will help the attendees learn:

  • The what, why and how of Digital Transformation (DT)
  • Importance of L&D in DT
  • Relooking at organizational L&D from the POV of: Employee Development, Change Management, Organizational Culture

Speaking about the focus area of the webcast, Amit Gautam said, “While a lot of companies had their digital transformation journey already afoot, most others were caught rather off guard by COVID-19, which compelled businesses to go digital, making ‘remote’ the middle name for all things working, doing and learning. Employers and employees alike had to learn and adopt to new tools and technologies along the way affecting efficiency, productivity and team morale.”Learning and training is the missing link to Digital Transformation as it enables smooth transition to tech-enabled way of (work) life”, he added further.

Interested individuals can register for “Learning and Digital Transformation: Connecting the dots” on May 5, 3PM IST here: