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eLearning Industry lists UpsideLMS as 'One of the Best LMSs Offering Free Trials'

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eLearning Industry's latest LMS list on 'The Best 20 Learning Management Systems Offering LMS Free Trials' features UpsideLMS.

Selecting and buying a Learning Management System (LMS) for a business, whether SMB, Enterprise or Training Company, is no mean task. It involves multiple stakeholders, stages, and processes, to say the least. However, making this time- and effort-intensive task relatively easy are free LMS trials, which enable buyer organizations to evaluate options and invest wisely.

In line with this is eLearning Industry's latest LMS list, researched and curated by Christopher Pappas, Founder of The eLearning Industry’s Network, and his team. Called 'The Best 20 Learning Management Systems Offering LMS Free Trials', the list features the best 20 LMS vendors offering LMS evaluations that a business may want to consider. And sitting proud amongst these 20 is UpsideLMS, a Cloud-based Learning Platform that's trusted by 1M+ users worldwide, has a rich and innovative feature-set, and is a winner of over 30 awards and recognitions.

Speaking about the Top 20 LMS list, Christopher Pappas said, "If you feel that it's time to buy a new LMS, you should not rush into a decision unless you first take advantage of LMS free trials. Most LMS vendors give you the opportunity to test drive the tool before signing on the dotted line. Rather than spending a fortune on a Learning Management System that may not suit your needs, you’re able to download LMS free trials to gain first-hand experience. For example, explore all the functionalities your LMS contenders offer. Although the evaluation period may take time, it is definitely worth it, as the risk of investing in the wrong LMS is minimized. If you are searching the web to find LMS free trials to download, we have done the hard work for you."

UpsideLMS' 14-day free trial comes with pre-populated content in all key modules and a hand holding guide that makes the common LMS activities extremely easy and do-able in under than 2 steps. Additionally, 24×7 Tech Support and Live Chat during the trial period makes the 2 week trial experience extremely engaging. Interested individuals can take UpsideLMS for a test drive by registering at

The top 20 LMS list is available for viewing on the eLearning Industry website.

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