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Exclusive Brandon Hall Report - Real Learning Measurement: Go Beyond Checking the Box

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The new Brandon Hall report is a rich resource for organizations looking to Go Beyond with Measuring Learning Impact


Measuring the Impact of learning and development initiatives on business outcomes has been a constant challenge that the learning leaders have been facing. In Brandon Hall Group’s 2019 Learning Measurement Study, more than two-thirds of companies say that an inability to measure the impact of L&D-driven interventions represents a challenge towards achieving outcomes critical to the business.

Many organizations across the globe focus on very basic measurements such as course completions or learner feedback. These organizations are mostly “checking these boxes,” based on the idea that if an employee finishes a course, it is effective by definition. With the steady rise seen in digital learning opportunities be it microlearning, self-directed learning, and informal learning there are endless ways employees create their own learning experiences. In light of this, it is very important for the companies to take a deeper look at measuring their learning initiatives and their impact on the business.

This report presents some interesting facts and figures related to:

  • The state of the industry when it comes to learning measurement
  • The challenges companies face in measuring their learning outcomes
  • How mature organizations pull data from across the business to identify real results and become more predictive
  • Key considerations for learning measurement

You can download the Exclusive Brandon Hall ReportReal Learning Measurement: Go Beyond Checking the Box here.