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Compliance Training gets engaging and interesting with the new 'Compliance Hood App'

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Upside Learning Introduces Compliance Hood - An app that will add to your workplace compliance training initiatives as a fun gamified supplement.

Compliance Training gets engaging and interesting with the New Compliance Hood App
Compliance Training gets engaging and interesting with the New Compliance Hood App 

Upside Learning, a leading service provider of end-to-end digital learning solutions for Fortune - 1000 companies across the globe, has announced the launch of a new app – Compliance Hood.

Compliance Hood serves as a light and easy practice to help businesses inject a culture of compliance within the organization. Either serving as a self-standing engagement or part of a suite of nuggets to propagate a culture of compliance, Compliance Hood is a compact and versatile solution to put a fun spin on the dullness that ‘Compliance’ as a subject is infamous for. This game functions as a support to existing compliance training initiatives as a way to inculcate compliance behaviour.

The 'Compliance Conundrum' was motivation enough for Upside Learning to take a fresh approach towards making compliance-y content more palatable, and the experience of consuming it more exciting. Compliance Hood represents an effortless way to increase engagement and get through policy subject matter in the form of everyday business situations dressed as questions.

What it offers is more than just being a fun game with questions; the familiarity with board games and the progress mechanic lends a sense of comfort to the experience. It also features an interesting gamble alluding to the exact state of mind when in a sticky business situation. The game helps build the player’s risk appetite and promises access to valuable data and insights—whether it's to see which situations employees confidently went through or which ones they struggled with.

The goal is for the player to save their office from an operational breakdown, which takes the player on an adventure within their official space from time to time as a follow-up to an organization’s existing compliance training. It offers compelling and relatable office situations through one-, two-, and three-level multiple branching scenarios, and timely nudges and progress prompts to keep players on their toes! Finally, players can also view their play history and progress—down to each dice roll and response.

Amit Garg – Founder and CEO of Upside Learning Solutions says, “Compliance Hood is a fun board game, delivering spaced practice, that could be the missing piece in business' efforts towards achieving real compliance, beyond just checking the boxes!”

To know more, download The Compliance Hood brochure and get a preview of the trial version.