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eBook Launched: The Ultimate Guide to migrating eLearning from Flash to HTML5

Pune, IndiaLearning NewsUpside Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

As the imminent demise of Flash in 2020 nears, Upside Learning launches a new eBook to help companies looking for converting their legacy flash based courses under the ever shrinking deadline.


Upside Learning recently Launched a new eBook titled ‘The Ultimate Guide to migrating eLearning from Flash to HTML5.’ This eBook is specifically created for organizations that have a requirement to migrate their Flash-based eLearning to HTML5 and are looking to do so under tight deadlines and budget constraints.

This eBook presents in detail, the processes involved in converting a legacy Flash course to a responsive HTML5 course. Since Adobe’s announcement of removing support for Flash by 2020, it has become crucial for any organization with an eLearning strategy of any size to migrate to HTML5. The eBook explains to you the process of evaluating your content, choosing the right plan, the right steps for development, and all the benefits that HTML5 offers. You’ll see how there are multiple ways that the migration can help your eLearning strategy and how to achieve the optimal balance between your investment and the returns you get.

All that is needed to know about converting legacy courses to HTML5 – the benefits, the process, the considerations involved for such a project – are all explained here.

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