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Upside Learning helps organisations ‘blend it better’ through its recently published whitepaper on Blended Learning

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Upside Learning’s recently released whitepaper on blended learning, titled 'Blended Learning - The way ahead for 'an always learning' organisation', aims to help organisations understand and implement Blended Learning successfully through a Learning Management System (LMS).

Blended Learning-Whitepaper
Blended Learning-Whitepaper 

Upside Learning has recently released a whitepaper titled 'Blended Learning - The way ahead for an 'always learning' organisation'. Based on the recent trends in learning such as enterprise mobility, Bring Your Own Device(BYOD) and next generation cloud computing, the whitepaper gives eLearning professionals a solid understanding on how the scope of blended learning has been redefined and how they can leverage it to the optimum in the workplace.

In the wake of global technological advancements, an organisation must leverage the power of new learning channels and concepts such as social learning, micro learning and gamification to create an impactful learning experience for users. This can be effectively brought about by implementing Blended Learning as it combines powerful content, effective teaching methodologies and dissemination channels. And when backed by a state-of-the-art Learning Management System, it delivers a high quality and an engaging learning experience that drives more results than the other traditional methods.

Some of the key topic covered in this whitepaper are:

  • Redefining Blended Learning
  • Enhancement of Training Modules within Blended Learning
  • Leveraging Blended Learning for Gen C workforce
  • Measuring effectiveness of Blended Learning Program

Amit Gautam, Founder and Director of Upside Learning, said "We believe that Blended Learning truly is the way ahead for organisations. With technology as the backbone and a range of channels to disseminate the content, employees can truly experience quality and flexibility in learning. Our whitepaper is based on this belief and also on our experience in implementing Blended Learning programs for numerous clients all over the globe. I believe this whitepaper will act as a guide for companies to steer their blended learning programs with the help of an LMS".

The free whitepaper can be downloaded from here.