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Unity Health Group team up with Thrive to drive upskilling and connect employees across the UK

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Thrive, the renowned and rapidly growing modern-day learning management system partners with Unity Health Group to create a one-stop-shop for learning, upskilling and internal communication.


Leveraging Thrive's AI-powered learning platform, Unity Health Group aims to empower their 500 employees across its network of high-quality services in the medical, legal and healthcare sectors with engaging and impactful upskilling experiences.

Unity Health Group, responsible for managing a vast network of medical, legal and healthcare facilities spanning various regions, recognises the importance of fostering a unified culture and nurturing its talent across its diverse workforce of managers and field workers. 

With a commitment to enhancing the employee experience and providing clear career progression, upskilling opportunities, and more ways to collaborate across teams, Unity Health Group has implemented Thrive, the modern-day LMS, to enable its success strategy. 

Cat Randall-Smith, HR Director at Unity Health Group, comments:

"We recognise the importance of investing in our greatest asset—our people. 

When looking for a new learning platform, Thrive was the only platform that could tick all of our boxes; compliance and learning, upskilling and internal comms, so it was a no-brainer.

Partnering with Thrive allows us to elevate our learning and development initiatives to new heights, empowering our employees to deliver exceptional care and drive positive outcomes for our patients.”

Sean Reddington, CEO of Thrive Learning, echoes this sentiment, stating:

"We’re so thrilled to be working with Unity Health Group to support their employee’s development, bring their people together and drive business growth. Our platform is quite literally the only one on the market that can manage skills, learning and comms, so it's a perfect fit."

The collaboration between Unity Health Group and Thrive underscores a shared commitment to innovation, employee empowerment, and continuous improvement.

Together, they are in a great position to transform learning and development within the healthcare sector and set new standards for organisational excellence.

About Unity Health Group:

People are at the heart of everything we do. Our customers, our clients, our patients and our colleagues are what drive us forward.

Brought together to provide high-quality services in the legal and healthcare sectors, our group consists of Pure Physiotherapy, Medical & Legal Admin Services (MLAS), and Rehabilitation Direct. 

Our biggest asset is our people. At every level of our organisation, we foster a collaborative, can-do approach to customer service and getting the best out of each other. Working together means that we amplify the strengths of each individual component.

Unity Health Group is stronger together.