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Thrive unveils groundbreaking Thrive AI at Learning Technologies 2024 and hosts Customer Power Hour for the first-time

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Thrive is proud to announce the debut of Thrive AI at Learning Technologies 2024 and host the event's first-ever Customer Power offering an opportunity for industry leaders such as Reiss, Pizza Express, SBFM and Frasers Group to showcase their learning platforms to delegates on stands H20 and K20.

Thrive, the leading learning technology company trusted by global brands like Burger King, Avon, and Volvo, is set to make waves at Learning Technologies 2024. The event, taking place from April 17th to 18th will see Thrive lead the way with artificial intelligence (AI), sharing an exclusive first-look at their enhanced AI-powered learning platform.

With Thrive AI, users can expect unrivalled capabilities in content creation, translations, search, personalised learning opportunities, social learning and content quality or health, empowering end users to effortlessly upskill like never before.

Additionally, at 3 PM on the 17th April, Thrive invites delegates to its Customer Power Hour on Stands K20 and H20. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with Global L&D Leaders including; Ann Summers, SBFM, Reiss, Frasers Group, Avon, The AA, Ballys and many more, who will be showcasing their own learning platforms, sharing success stories and taking over the stand hosting sales-free demos. 

As well as this, delegates can expect hoodie giveaways, free champagne and a Customer VIP Lounge complete with a DJ and Cocktail Bar.  

Seminar Sessions 

Attendees can also expect an array of interactive and insightful seminar sessions which include: 

From Hype to Reality: Using AI to Create, Learn & Upskill

April 17 at 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Theatre 7
Hosted by: Helen Marshall, Chief Learning Officer, and Niloufar Zarin, Head of AI

How has AI already impacted the way your learners create, learn and upskill? In this session we’re talking about the use of AI with those that matter - your people.  

Sharing real-world examples that take AI from just a hype to reality, you’ll gain valuable insights into the endless potential of AI for you and your people and tips on how to safely harness AI to enable a modern learning strategy. Highlights include: 

  • Practical tips to go from overwhelmed to inspired
  • How AI can empower social learning like never before
  • Why Thrive AI is vastly different to the market? 
  • Why we're at a pivotal moment for upskilling your people

Live Workshop: Planning an Award-Winning Learning Project

April 17 at 4:15 PM - 4:45 PM
Theatre 7
Hosted by: Helen Marshall, Chief Learning Officer, and Ian Wheelans, Head of Customer Success

It’s coming up to awards season and L&D teams everywhere are asking themselves; "is this project really award-worthy?"

Well, we’ve got your answers.

This interactive workshop gets you thinking and planning how you’ll evidence real business success that goes beyond completions and engagement metrics.

Using customer examples from the three winning award submissions at the Learning Technologies Awards, you’ll learn what it takes to wow a judge's panel - and your internal stakeholders whilst you’re at it! 

You’ll discover: 

  • How to plan and set up your learning project for success
  • Key ways to measure and evidence impact as well as present ROI back to your business - and your awards judges of course!
  • A deep dive into real customer award-winning learning projects from the likes of Ann Summers, Bally’s and Vodafone.

Driving Learning Impact: Behind the Wheel of AA’s Stellar Success Strategy

April 18 at 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Theatre 7
Hosted by: Helen Marshall, Chief Learning Officer, and Mark Born, Head of Driving Instructor Training Academy at The AA

Jump into the driver's seat of The AA's success strategy and see how they transformed their learning offering which increased their driver's school franchise base by 75%. 

Sharing practical examples, you’ll gain valuable insights into the engagement tactics, cutting-edge technologies, and data best practices that have got AA to the forefront of measuring learning impact. Highlights include: 

  • Understanding AA's holistic approach to learning
  • How to plan a project that sets you up to measure business impact from learning activity
  • Ways to leverage technology and marketing interventions to create engaging learning experiences

Thrive AI in Action: Transforming Authoring, Upskilling, and Knowledge Sharing

April 18 at 2 PM - 2:15 PM
Bitesize Learning Zone 1
Hosted by: Josh Devanny, Chief Sales Officer

An exclusive, live demo showcasing the latest AI advancements from Thrive. See first-hand how these groundbreaking developments are set to empower your teams like never before. You’ll see:

  • How you and your people can create engaging content faster than ever with Thrive's built-in AI Authoring Tool
  • Unique ways Thrive are using AI integrations to surface instant answers where your learners are already at - Think WhatsApp and more
  • How AI can empower collaborative learning to support knowledge sharing, coaching and meaningful conversations

Don't miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to explore the future of learning with Thrive. 

Visit Stand H20 and K20.