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Thrive reinvents bespoke elearning with Thrive Custom Content - Tailor-made learning experiences created exclusively for Thrive Customers

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Thrive proudly unveils Thrive Custom Content, a groundbreaking new service exclusively available for Thrive customers. Designed to revolutionise the way businesses approach bespoke elearning, Thrive Custom Content offers tailor-made learning experiences carefully crafted with microlearning, practical tasks and campaigns to meet the unique needs of every organisation.

Thrive Custom Content creates personalised learning that takes the brand's values, terminology and policies into consideration. Their team of designers, storytellers and experience managers design, build, map and deliver learning programmes directly onto their customer’s Thrive learning platform, ready to go for their users.

Al Thompson, Chief Content Officer commented: 

"At Thrive, we understand that every business is unique, with its own culture, brand identity, and challenges, Thrive Custom Content is our solution to this diversity, offering bespoke learning experiences that resonate with specific requirements."

Thrive Custom Content goes beyond the conventional 45-minute SCORM courses, embracing a holistic approach to learning design. From audio stories to video shoots, from e-learning modules to activities and tasks, Thrive Custom Content crafts dynamic learning pathways packed with microlearning resources that engage and inspire learners from start to finish.

"We've reimagined what bespoke content means in the L&D industry," added Al Thompson. 

"Our team of experts breaks down learning objectives and transforms them into captivating learning experiences. Whether it's onboarding new employees, imparting product knowledge, or delivering leadership training, Thrive Custom Content ensures that every learning journey is impactful, interactive and memorable."

Thrive Customers such as Oliver James and Anthony Nolan have already harnessed this new service to roll out a bespoke Management Programme, training 500+ employees on the importance of coaching, effective leadership and self-managing.  

For more information about Thrive Custom Content, visit Thrive.