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Reiss partners with AI-powered Learning Platform, Thrive, to boost employee development

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Major fashion retailer, Reiss, has partnered with Thrive to utilise its AI capabilities for employee development.


The collaboration means Reiss can bolster its learning and development culture to create a streamlined and connected environment across its head office and 160 retail units in the UK, Europe and the US.

Thrive’s AI-powered platform will help the retailer increase employee progression, enhance the onboarding process, celebrate internal achievements and create a fun and collaborative learning environment.

The partnership is the next step in Reiss’ learning and development overhaul, and Thrive’s all-in-one platform adds an easy-to-use system for 1,300 team members while helping users cut down on time-consuming admin work so they can focus on building new skills.

Reiss’ aim is to upskill employees with personalised learning experiences tailored to each position, department, and skill. Staff can take advantage of Thrive Content, social learning features and engage other team members with rewards, leaderboards, achievements and shareable badges.

Thrive’s platform will also act as a content hub for employees to find essential information.

Tim Brown, Reiss' senior people development manager, said:

“The partnership with Thrive is an exciting move for us as it is a true testament to not only how we have grown to date, but where we are headed as a brand in the future. They can grow with us as we grow, which is brilliant as we look to where we want Reiss to be in five, 10 or even 15 years.”

Thrive CEO and Founder Sean Reddington added:

“Reiss came to us with a unique set of challenges which revolved around creating a unified and connected business culture which is supportive of all team members and everyone’s individual needs.

We know that when you span different locations, countries and job roles, connecting each employee and celebrating both individual and collective achievements and milestones is crucial in boosting company morale and creating an environment where everyone feels valued.

Together, we have built a space that can be accessed from any device using our Thrive App, regardless of time or location.”