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IOP & IOP Publishing take the next step to invest in learning & development with Thrive

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Using Thrive’s AI-powered platform, the IOP will empower over 600 employees to take control of their Learning & Development at a group-wide level.


Thrive, the award-winning and fastest-growing modern-day learning management system, has been appointed by the Institute of Physics (IOP) and IOP Publishing to create a unified and collaborative resource and learning culture for the 630+ team members across the two arms of the business. This comes as the two sides look to work closer together and celebrate the synergies between the IOP and IOP Publishing. 

The IOP is the professional body and learned society for physics in the UK and Ireland, with an active role in promoting cooperation in physics around the world. With over 21,000 members, the organisation strives to make physics accessible to people from all backgrounds. IOP Publishing is part of the IOP, providing impact, recognition and value for the scientific community. As the publishing arm of the IOP, 100% of profit goes towards public and scientific good.

With a long-term partnership in mind, the IOP and IOP Publishing tasked Thrive with the clear objective of creating a simple-to-access and unified hub which can deliver learning and development opportunities across the entire team, from junior journalists to senior members of the IOP.

Onboarding processes and introductions to the company will be streamlined through Thrive and for existing team members, the learning platform will act as a ‘one-stop-shop’ where key internal documents, handbooks, policies and mandatory learning modules can be found. 

Through the partnership with Thrive, the IOP hopes to empower everyone to take control of their learning and growth. This comes hand-in-hand with wider organisational collaboration, championing social learning – the ability to learn from one’s peers – rather than dictating mandatory learning modules. 

Thrive’s learning platform will allow direct interaction between team members, with the platform mirroring the intuitive feel of social media.

Iain Somerfield, Learning and Development Manager at IOP, comments: 

“Our journey with Thrive has been seamless. They understand us, speak our language and bring enthusiasm to the table.

In every encounter, the Thrive team brings a genuine desire and enthusiasm to help us fulfil our aspirations of creating an intrinsic learning culture within our organisation.

Working with Thrive to develop this platform for the IOP and IOP Publishing team is in no way a means to an end, it will be an incredibly important tool at a group-wide level, to drive engagement and bring to life the concept of further learning in the workplace.”

Sean Reddington, CEO and Founder of Thrive Learning, adds:

“When we began working with Iain and the passionate team at the IOP, it was clear that they wanted to take their learning culture to the next level in order to create a unified approach at a group-wide level. 

Working closely together, we have created a space which gives people within the IOP the opportunity to share their knowledge, insight and take control of not only their own learning but supporting their colleagues too.

We’re very excited about developing a space which not only suits their needs now but will grow and develop with them as the IOP’s journey evolves. We are incredibly excited to be part of that journey with them, Iain and the team have huge things planned!”

The partnership with the IOP will expand Thrive’s portfolio of clients who have invested in employees to create a unified approach to learning and development including the AA, Frasers Group, Volvo, Wirral Council, and many more.