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THRIVE wins Gold at the Digital Technology Leaders Awards for Revolutionising Skills

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THRIVE, the online learning platform, has been honored with the prestigious Gold award at the Digital Technology Leaders Awards for Digital Project of the Year. The recognition celebrates the exceptional work done by THRIVE's Product and Technical team to develop Skills and Goals, a revolutionary suite of functionality within the Learning Platform that addresses critical challenges in the industry when it comes to career development and cross-functional upskilling.


Identifying and addressing key challenges

The THRIVE team embarked on an extensive research journey to determine the common pain points faced by learners and their organisations. They discovered three common themes: 

  • Lack of access to relevant and personalised upskilling content

  • The desire for non-role-related upskilling and talent mobility

  • The need to align learning with meaningful development goals that contribute towards career development 

Armed with these insights, THRIVE decided to develop the most in-demand skills features directly into THRIVE, while adding their own unique social-first spin on it. Working closely with renowned customers such as Essentra, Sky, and Sumo Group, THRIVE identified a clear scope of work to build out what they today call; Skills and Goals. 

By connecting learners with relevant content and creating an automated dynamic skills frameworks, the platform now offers a groundbreaking solution that hasn’t been seen before in the industry. 

The project was delivered within a record time of six months, aligning with the significant industry event, Learning Technologies. 

Achieving remarkable results

Since its launch, Skills and Goals has garnered widespread adoption by esteemed organisations like Vonage, Sky, Sumo Digital, and Ann Summers.

With an impressive 80% customer adoption rate and 20,000+ goals set, the impact of the platform has been substantial. It has empowered learners to take control of their skills development profile while providing real-time insights for L&D, HR, and resource managers to understand where the gaps are, what's emerging and what the overall skills landscape looks like across their organisation.

The judging panel commented on the project’s success; 

"This project has yielded impressive results, including high user engagement, increased talent acquisition and improved personal growth scores. Well done!" 

Skills and Goals also revolutionise the way learning goals are set and tracked. Learners can input their current and target skill levels, and the platform automatically recommends relevant content, pathways, and events to help them progress. 

Additionally, managers, coaches, and mentors can set learning goals for their colleagues, fostering a collaborative and growth-oriented environment.

THRIVE's Gold Award win at the Digital Technology Leaders Awards for Digital Project of the Year underpins the exceptional work the whole team has done in developing Skills and Goals, Head of Product at THRIVE, Matthew Oliver, commented: 

“To be recognised at the Digital Technology Leaders Award when up against brands such as Cisco, Sainsbury’s, LNER and Cognizant is really an honour. 

We're so proud of the first-class work our product and tech team have put in to create something totally unique in our industry and this award is to recognise them on a brilliant, game-changing project!”