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THRIVE Learning & Skills Platform announces global rollout for Volvo Cars

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The industry’s fastest-growing Learning Platform, THRIVE, set to transform learning and development and enhance global collaboration for Volvo Cars.


The Swedish multinational car manufacturer, has embarked on a partnership with tech company, THRIVE Learning, to modernise its approach to learning, personal development and communication across its organization.

The move is part of Volvo Cars’ plan to transform its learning strategy, enabling more direct learning interventions to their consumer-facing staff and focussing on giving all staff the ability to shape their own development, learn in the flow of work and share knowledge across the business. 

The goal is that staff globally will be able to access relevant content aligned to their individual learning goals, as well as connect and learn from each other no matter what language they speak or where they’re based in the world.

Sean Reddington, CEO of THRIVE, said: 

“Brands don’t come much bigger than Volvo Cars, and we’re over the moon that they’ve chosen to implement THRIVE for their global consumer-facing workforce. 

Their modern way of thinking definitely aligns with ours and their plans for learning transformation are so exciting to be a part of. As an organisation, we’re very much looking forward to being a continued trusted partner on this journey."