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THRIVE LXP integrates with Skillsoft and Go1

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THRIVE announces its latest integrations with two of the industry’s most popular content curators, giving learners seamless access to curated content from the top training providers including THRIVE’s own Content Club.


The Skillsoft and Go1 content libraries feature over 150,000 digital learning resources from hundreds of the industry’s best-known publishers.

Following these integrations, THRIVE LXP customers who subscribe to either the Skillsoft or Go1 catalogues will be able to seamlessly import learning resources and elearning content via auto curation, ready to be shared with their learners on a continuing basis.

As an administrator, you can select specific individuals or audiences to share the content with, and you can apply a list of tags and skills to the content to make it easily searchable and discoverable. 

Plus, with the volume of resources, the breadth of topics they cover, and the option to build learning programs using pre-curated playlists, you’ll be able to deliver a big L&D impact, without the necessity of a big L&D team.

What’s more, as you provide your learners with content that’s easily accessible on the move, you’ll be able to fill skill gaps by recommending relevant curated content that progresses the learner's skills and contributes to your organisation’s performance in the process.

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