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THRIVE launches all-in-one Learning & Skills Platform with built-in, agile skills solution

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The new platform equips L&D teams to create an agile skills strategy based on real-time learner data - at no extra cost.

Evolving from its LXP roots, learning platform organisation THRIVE today launches ‘the complete Learning & Skills Platform’, following the development of its built-in skills solution.

THRIVE now has the ability to give L&D teams a transparent view of the skills across their organisation, an understanding of new skills as they organically emerge, and the power to measure the supply and demand of those skills - and the resources needed to fill any gaps - using real-time learner data.

By building the skills solution directly into THRIVE, the team has created one, easily accessible place for learners to track and develop their skills, complete with the relevant learning content to support them.

Sean Reddington, CEO and Founder at THRIVE, said:

“With the global learning lens focused on closing the ever-widening skills gap, we’re turning traditional ways of thinking on their head.

From the beginning, we’ve listened to customers asking for skills platform recommendations to solve the skills gap challenge. We knew adding more technology to the ecosystem wasn’t the right answer. So, THRIVE being THRIVE, we decided to build our own skills platform.

This is a new, consolidated approach to upskilling, learning and collaborative knowledge sharing, bringing all your learning needs together in a way that truly addresses the bigger picture. It’s the future - and it’s not going to cost our customers any more to use, either!”

Adopting an agile skills strategy

THRIVE’s skills solution overcomes the outdated approach of one-size-fits all competency-based roles. Instead, it creates an agile framework that evolves with each learner, helping organisations to keep pace with the ever-changing need for diverse, complementary skill sets in modern business. 

Custom goals can be set and managed for each learner and team to develop their skills. Then, the platform connects them to the right learning needed to achieve those goals and encourages peer-to-peer collaboration by identifying the relevant subject matter experts. The result? A digital environment centred on growth - for individuals, teams, and organisations alike. 

Jenny Muhlwa, Group Head of Learning & Development at Sumo Group, added:

“No one else is tackling skills like THRIVE. We’ve spent a lot of time building competencies before today and we clearly see how an agile skills strategy will help us level up.

It adds so much value to what we’ve created by putting our learners front and centre of our strategy. We can understand what’s new and trending with total transparency, which counts for a lot in our world of gaming, and we can see how upskilling aligns with each individual’s career goals at Sumo.”

See it in action 

The THRIVE team will be on stand G20 at Learning Technologies 2022, 4-5 May at ExCeL London, detailing their new vision for the future of skills and answering questions about the platform’s new features. Alternatively, you can book a demo today.

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